Our Mission:  Keeping Heritage Alive

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center was established in 2008 to collect and preserve fine art from the many houses of worship that were forced to close their doors. The Art Center is one of the few galleries in the United States housed in a former church and dedicated to the preservation of religious art.



This religious art from other shuttered churches include stained glass windows, statuary, oil and watercolor paintings and murals. This art work was made by the many Europeans who immigrated during the early 1900's and despite their poverty were able to leave us with these unique artistic creations. 




Class Visits

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center sponsors tours for class visits.  

Tours are available for students from the fifth grade to college level.   

Tours to the general pubic are educational as well.  Each statue, stained glass window and religious artifact has a story which is rich in history. 



plan your wedding with us

The former St. Francis Xavier Church provides a stunning backdrop for Buffalo weddings, and we are happy to assist brides in designing their perfect day. Amid dramatic architecture and brilliant frescos, couples can produce incredible memories that will be treasured for years to come.



List of supporters

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center wishes to thank those who support the preservation and restoration of this historic site. 

Special Events

2017 Fall Event 

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center is hosting Reverend Earle King, Pastor of St. Martin In The Field Church, Grand Island, New York. This special event will begin at 3pm Sunday, October 15th, doors open 2:30pm. 

Visit our Special Events page for more details, as well as upcoming concerts, shows, and more.

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