Our Mission:  Keeping Heritage Alive

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center was established in 2008 to collect and preserve fine art from the many houses of worship that were forced to close their doors. The Art Center is one of the few galleries in the United States housed in a former church and dedicated to the preservation of religious art.

The Buffalo Religious Art Center has a threefold purpose:

  • Preserve the former St. Francis Xavier Church which houses our collection.
  • Collect and display religious art from the closed churches.
  • Provide a testimonial to the people who created this art.

The stained glass windows, statuary and artwork that we are collecting provide a unique insight into Buffalo's culture as well as artistic history. These artifacts reveal the ethnic style of the thousands of European immigrants who came to Buffalo over the past centuries. Despite their poverty, they were able to gift us with an amazing diversity of religious decorative styles.

The Center collects religious art from all denominations and will appeal to people, both religious and non-religious, who appreciate fine art.

Tours are available by appointment.  To schedule a tour, please call 716-481-2350

Cost:         $12.00 Tours         $10.00  Seniors         $8.00    Students