Bi-National Peace Garden Trail Dedication and Black Rock Historical Society Museum

On August 26th the Buffalo Religious Arts Center held the reception for the Bi-National Heritage Peace Garden Trail Dedication. The Black Rock Historical Society also held their dedication for their traveling museum, showcasing the heritage of Black Rock and giving an overview of Black Rock’s history and the history of the War of 1812. Not only was the display extremely informative, but we also had the chance to watch a video that highlighted the key events and connection between Black Rock and the War of 1812. These events included the capture of the ships, Bisshopp’s raid on Black Rock, the Burning and Battle of Black Rock, and the Battle of Scajaquada Creek. For more details on the War of 1812 visit the Black Rock Historical Society’s website at

Around 2 PM we headed out on the walking tour of the Market Square District. We stopped along the way to see key preservation sites. The War of 1812 Mural Project was done by local artists, also showing the history of Black Rock from the original Black Rock and Native Americans, to the new Peace Garden located at Dearborn and Hamilton streets. The mural highlights the talent of the artists J. Tim Raymond, Russell Mott, Doreen Deboth and Jerome A. Mach, Joe Tempski, and Cynthia Van Ens. The mural wraps around the corner of Amherst street (before it turns into Tonawanda). Not only does it add vibrancy to the neighborhood but it also commemorates the War of 1812 and informs the onlooker of the neighborhood’s history.  An event such as this shows the importance of community preservation and also what can be accomplished by those who take pride in the neighborhood and care to preserve its history.

Written by Erin Radetich

Below are some pictures that show the Black Rock Historical Society’s display in the BRAC :