BRAC Celebrates Oktoberfest!

The autum seaon has arrived in Buffalo.  This means the leaves are an array of beautiful fiery colors, pumpkins sit on everyone’s porches and a blast of cinnimon welcomes you at Wegmans, and fun Fall Holidays.

The Buffalo Religious Arts Center had a blast participating in Black Rockes first annual Oktoberfest celebration.  We opened our doors people already waiting excitedly to come visit.  Tours were discounted from $10 per person to $6, people could buy tickets for a fun basket raffle,and we had a delicious number of baked goods that our volunteers graciously baked for us.

We think the fall has started out pretty well, and excited for it to continue.  The Buffalo Religious Arts Center has stopped being open for drop in tours, BUT that doesn’t mean we’ve closed for the season.  If you’re interested in a tour, big or small, we would be happy to set one up and show you around.