Children's Choir Festival / Black Rock Historical Trail Traveling Museum

On Sunday, April 22, 2012 the BRAC was filled with angelic voices and organ music.    We were lucky to be the only museum to host the Children’s Choir.

Here’s a video:

And, this past May 20, 2012 at 2 pm the BRAC was bustling with over 100 visitors.  We were the hosts to the Black Rock Heritage Tail Traveling Museum, featuring the War of 1812 events and historic locations and buildings in Black Rock’s Market Square District.  The founders of this amazing project are Warren Glover, Mary Ann Kedron (who spoke at the event), Bill Parke, Scott Glasgow, and Doreen DeBoth.

During the event, guests were encouraged to look around the BRAC at the artwork and then make their way to the front of the church where the Trail Traveling Museum was located.  The BRAC is one of 10 sites along the historical trail.  Also, people were allowed to tai their picture with war of 1812 soldiers!

With already so much going on, it’s exciting to see what else is going to happen this summer!