Scholorship winner, Peter Gonciarz, brings 1932 Schlick organ to life

The Buffalo Religious Art Center was alive with the hum of pipe organ this past week.   Peter Gonciarz, a senior at Villa Maria College, showed off his talent by playing a variety of different pieces.  He began playing at age 13 when his church paid for organ lessons, and he has been playing ever since.  By now, he has played at a number of churches.

It was about a year ago that Peter called up the B.R.A.C. to ask if he could come play.  He had heard that the church still had it’s original 1932 Schlicker organ.  The organ was hand-made right at the Schlicker Organ Company in North Tonawanda.  Like other church organs, it was built for that church.  No where else would it’s sound ring truer.  That, matched with such a talented player, creates an incredibly angelic sound.